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Fujian Xingyi polishing machine co.,ltd

Xingyi comenzó como una compañía de proyectos en 1999, y se hizo conocida en la industria como uno de los mejores calibre en la prestación de servicios y para la fabricación de alta calidad

Fujian Xingyi polishing machine co.,ltd

Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd se enorgullece de ser uno de los integradores que ofrecen productos y servicios de pulido de piso completo en China. Nuestra fábrica se ubica en Jinjiang, China, con equipos profesionales de I + D, diseño, fabricación, ventas y asistencia al cliente. Tenemos maquinadores, herramientas, productos químicos y proyectos de ingeniería eficaces y profesionales para la industria del pulido de pisos. Provienen de nuestra tecnología madura y de trabajadores experimentados en nuestra propia fábrica que cubren aproximadamente 10,000 metros cuadrados. Tenemos máquinas de pulido de la serie Global y de la serie High Tech, que varían de una a cuatro cabezas y pueden satisfacer diferentes requisitos de construcción. Las máquinas accionadas por engranajes son fáciles de usar y productivas, y son capaces de rectificar de manera eficiente y dar un pulido fino en la superficie. Y nuestras máquinas pueden trabajar en dirección planetaria o rotatoria. Además, proporcionamos varias opciones de potencia, como 20HP, 15HP, 10HP, 7.5HP y más. También ofrecemos nuestras herramientas de molienda High Tech, que incluyen almohadillas de metal y almohadillas de resina con un valor fantástico y un buen precio. En cuanto a los productos químicos, tenemos nuestros productos químicos de alta tecnología para la molienda, reparación, endurecimiento, sellado y cristalización de piedras. Aparte de la fabricación, también tenemos nuestra propia empresa de ingeniería. Nuestro Burke Concrete Polishing Co., Ltd ha logrado muchos proyectos de diseño, esmerilado y pulido por nuestros propios trabajadores en todo el mundo con materiales de concreto, terrazo, mármol, granito y epoxi terrazo. Burke Company es una empresa que pertenece a XingYi Enterprise, con alrededor de 10 años de historia y más de 60 empleados, nuestros propios equipos de proyectos para gestionar los proyectos. Puede ver los molinos y trabajadores Xingyi en muchos sitios de proyectos en todo el mundo y han recibido grandes elogios de nuestros clientes. Además, invitamos a nuestros clientes de todo el mundo a venir a nuestra empresa cada mes de marzo. Nos reunimos, compartimos nuestra experiencia, adquirimos más comprensión y nos relacionamos mutuamente. Y tenemos más de 100 clientes extranjeros para unirse a nosotros cada año. Damos la bienvenida a cada cliente con entusiasmo y sinceridad. Al final, queremos enfatizar que tenemos 39 oficinas en el extranjero en todo el mundo para que podamos brindar un servicio al cliente muy detallado y rápido. Puede ponerse en contacto fácilmente con ellos y le atenderán con dedicación y paciencia.

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Defensor global de las máquinas rectificadoras autopropulsadas.

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Defensor global de las máquinas rectificadoras autopropulsadas.

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  • Malaysia Branch and Customer Service Center Grand Opening-XINGYI Floor Grinder
    2023-09-25 Malaysia Branch and Customer Service Center Grand Opening-XINGYI Floor Grinder

      Introduction : XINGYI Machine, the global leader in concrete grinding and polishing equipment, is thrilled to announce the opening of its new Malaysia branch and customer service center. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for XINGYI Machine as it expands its presence in Southeast Asia. The Malaysia branch will serve as a hub for providing high-quality products, technical support, and exceptional customer service to clients in Malaysia and neighboring countries. Let's delve into the details of this grand opening and explore the benefits it brings to the region. The Excitement of Expansion : The establishment of XINGYI Machine's Malaysia branch and customer service center has generated great excitement in the industry. With this expansion, XINGYI Machine aims to better cater to the needs of customers in Malaysia and surrounding regions by providing faster response times and localized support. This strategic move demonstrates XINGYI Machine's commitment to delivering excellence and strengthening its position as a global leader. The Malaysia branch will not only offer a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment but also ensure that customers receive comprehensive technical assistance, training programs, and spare parts availability. The expansion allows XINGYI Machine to bolster its presence in the Southeast Asian market while creating new job opportunities and contributing to the local economy. Facilities and Services (180 words): The newly opened Malaysia branch and customer service center boasts cutting-edge facilities designed to deliver exceptional services. Customers can explore the complete range of XINGYI Machine's equipment, including grinding machines, polishing systems, and various accessories. The center is staffed with highly skilled professionals who are trained to provide expert guidance and support to meet customers' specific needs. From project consultation to equipment selection and after-sales service, XINGYI Machine ensures a seamless experience for every client. Additionally, the customer service center provides comprehensive training programs that cover equipment operation, maintenance, and advanced polishing techniques. These training sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who share industry insights and best practices. Localization Efforts : XINGYI Machine recognizes the importance of localization in delivering tailored solutions to its clients. By establishing a presence in Malaysia, the company reaffirms its commitment to understanding the region's unique requirements. Localizing its services allows XINGYI Machine to provide timely assistance, effective communication, and cultural familiarity. The Malaysia branch will maintain close relationships with local partners, contractors, and distributors, ensuring prompt support for ongoing projects and facilitating long-term collaborations. Through these localized efforts, XINGYI Machine seeks to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen its posi...

  • XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day: A Worldwide Success with Exciting Events
    2023-09-25 XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day: A Worldwide Success with Exciting Events

    Introduction : XINGYI Machine's recent XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day has captivated audiences around the world. From China to the United States, from the UAE to Indonesia and Mexico, this global event series has been a resounding success. The Open Day showcased exciting events that celebrated innovation, shared industry insights, and highlighted XINGYI Machine's cutting-edge equipment. Let's take a moment to relive the highlights of this extraordinary occasion and mark our calendars for the next event on October 11th. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this remarkable experience! Global Reach and Engagement : With its worldwide presence, XINGYI Machine successfully reached out to audiences in diverse regions during the XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day. From China, where the company is headquartered, to the United States, the UAE, Indonesia, and Mexico, the event series generated tremendous engagement and excitement. Through live demonstrations, virtual workshops, and interactive sessions, participants had the opportunity to explore XINGYI Machine's state-of-the-art equipment and learn from industry experts. This global reach allowed XINGYI Machine to connect with customers, partners, and enthusiasts across continents, promoting knowledge exchange and fostering collaborations in the field of concrete grinding and polishing. Highlights of XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day : The XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day was filled with captivating events that showcased the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. Live equipment demonstrations presented XINGYI Machine's cutting-edge technology in action, highlighting the exceptional performance and versatility of their equipment. Virtual workshops and training sessions provided valuable insights into concrete grinding techniques, surface preparation, and maintenance. Industry experts shared their knowledge and experience, offering participants invaluable tips and tricks for achieving outstanding results. One of the key highlights was the unveiling of XINGYI Machine's latest product line, which features advanced functionalities and enhanced user experiences. This innovation symbolizes XINGYI Machine's dedication to pushing the boundaries of concrete grinding technology. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions with XINGYI Machine's technical experts, gaining first-hand insights and personalized advice. The interactive nature of the Open Day allowed attendees to have their queries answered and build meaningful connections within the industry. Anticipation for the Next Event : The success of the XINGYI GLOBAL Open Day has left participants eagerly anticipating the next event on October 11th. Marking their calendars, concrete grinding enthusiasts from all over the world are looking forward to another round of exciting events, live demonstrations, and expert insights. With each Open Day, XINGYI Machine continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in the industry, setting new standards a...

  • South Korea Joins XINGYI Machine's 7-Day Free Trial Campaign for Concrete Grinding Machines
    2023-09-25 South Korea Joins XINGYI Machine's 7-Day Free Trial Campaign for Concrete Grinding Machines

    Introduction : XINGYI Machine, a leading provider of top-quality equipment, is excited to announce that its 7-day free trial campaign for concrete grinding machines has expanded to include customers in South Korea. This exclusive opportunity allows South Korean customers to experience the exceptional performance and results of XINGYI Machine's cutting-edge equipment. By participating in this campaign, customers can witness firsthand the benefits of using these revolutionary concrete grinding machines. Expanding into South Korea : South Korea, known for its booming construction industry and commitment to innovation, presents a promising market for XINGYI Machine. By extending the 7-day free trial campaign, XINGYI Machine aims to reach out to a wider audience in South Korea and showcase the superior capabilities of their concrete grinding machines. The expansion allows customers in South Korea to access the company's state-of-the-art technology and experience its outstanding performance. Benefits of the 7-Day Free Trial : The 7-day free trial offers numerous benefits to customers in South Korea. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to test the effectiveness and efficiency of XINGYI Machine's concrete grinding machines before making a purchase. Customers can assess the quality of the equipment, witness its performance on different concrete surfaces, and evaluate its ability to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, the trial period allows customers to familiarize themselves with the machine's features and operation, ensuring a smooth integration into their workflow. The free trial empowers customers to make well-informed decisions regarding their investments in concrete grinding machines. Exceptional Performance and Results : XINGYI Machine's concrete grinding machines are renowned for their exceptional performance and outstanding results. The cutting-edge technology employed in these machines enables them to tackle even the most challenging concrete surfaces with precision and efficiency. Customers participating in the 7-day free trial can witness firsthand how these machines excel at coating removal, leveling uneven surfaces, and polishing concrete floors. The exceptional performance of XINGYI Machine's equipment leads to superior results, enhancing the overall quality of concrete grinding projects. Exclusive Discount Offer : As a gesture of appreciation, XINGYI Machine offers an exclusive discount to customers in South Korea who choose to purchase their concrete grinding machines after the 7-day free trial. This special discount allows customers to save on their investment while still benefiting from the exceptional quality and performance that XINGYI Machine provides. It is a compelling incentive for customers to consider XINGYI Machine as a long-term partner for their concrete grinding needs. Conclusion : South Korean customers now have the opportunity to participate in XINGYI Machine's 7-day free trial campaign, allowing them to experi...

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